Credit: Mandy Zammit.


About Us:

GrowUp Urban Farms is committed to feeding people in cities in a way that is positive for communities and the environment, today and in the future. We produce sustainable fresh fish, salads and herbs in cities using a combination of aquaponic and vertical growing technologies.

We lower the environmental impact of agriculture by building and operating farms that grow produce closer to consumers. Through the use of aquaponic technology and Controlled Environment Production (CEP), we can produce a year-round harvest of fresh, leafy vegetables and fish.

We’re changing the way food is grown and distributed in cities and we’re reconnecting people with the story of food from farm to fork.

 Credit: Mandy Zammit 

Credit: Mandy Zammit 


Aquaponics & Vertical Farming


Aquaponics is a recirculating system that combines hydroponics (growing plants in water without soil) and aquaculture (fish farming) to create an efficient closed loop system:

– We feed the fish
– The fish poo
– The nutrient rich waste-water from the fish tanks is pumped to the roots of the plants where microbacteria convert the waste nutrients into helpful nutrients
– The nutrients fertilise the plants and in turn the plants purify the water

The only inputs into the system are the fish food, and the energy for the pumps and water heaters – we don’t use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

The system uses much less water than traditional agriculture. This resource efficient system is an environmentally conscious way of growing certain foods where being able to fully control your growing environment produces a better quality and guaranteed quantity of produce.

 Credit: Mandy Zammit.

Credit: Mandy Zammit.


Vertical Farming:

Vertical farming is the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers in an indoor controlled growing environment.

  • We create more productive growing space by building upwards
  • We produce crops all year round
  • By growing close to consumers, we slash the transport costs and carbon-dioxide emissions associated with moving food over long distances.
  • Being close to market means we reduce spoilage that inevitably occurs along the way
  • We do not use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides in our aquaponics system.
  • Because we can control temperature, humidity, lighting, airflow and nutrient conditions, we can get the best productivity out of plants year round, anywhere in the world.



Our Business Values:

GrowUp is a values driven company – these values are at the core of what we do and steer the decisions we make as a business. We thought we’d share them so you can understand a bit more about what we do:

  • We care about People, Profit and the Planet;
  • We believe we can Do Good and Make Money;
  • We search for the best environmental solution available at the time – and then revisit those decisions regularly to see if a better option is available;
  • We think learning about and eating good food is something everyone should get the chance to do;
  • We should be producing food at a commercial-scale in an ecologically sustainable way;
  • We can improve the level of food knowledge, education and enthusiasm in cities;
  • We should reduce the environmental impact of food production;
  • Our systems and processes can lead innovation in urban food production.

Click here to see our Environmental Policy.

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Meet The Team 

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Andrew Worrall Aquaponic Technician