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GrowUp Urban Farms
GrowUp Urban Farms

The GrowUp Box

The GrowUp Box is an upcycled shipping container with a greenhouse on top which is a highly productive demonstration of aquaponic urban farming. We built the first GrowUp Box thanks to an incredible group of more than 300 supporters who helped us raise over £16,500 through a Kickstarter crowd-funding initiative.


Take a virtual tour of the GrowUp Box by watching our video.


In the shipping container, we farm tilapia. Tilapia is an omnivorous white fish which tastes great. We farm the tilapia at the right stocking density so they have enough room and are in a comfortable sized shoal that means their stress levels are kept low and we can ensure that we are producing the best tasting fish.


Inside the greenhouse, using vertical growing techniques, we can grow 400 salads and herbs at any one time as well as producing delicious microgreens. During the summer we were harvesting an average of 8kgs of salad from the box on a weekly basis and selling it to local restaurants.


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Are you in the UK and interested in buying a GrowUpBox for your school or business or community?


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As we grow, we're excited about the idea of GrowUp Boxes popping up all over the word - at this point in time, as we're a young start-up, we are only able to deliver projects inside the UK. 

She's a great looking farm! Here are some of our favourite shots of the GrowUp Box.